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TikTok Content Can Still Be Used Against You By The FBI After Being Deleted Thumbnail

TikTok Content Can Still Be Used Against You By The FBI After Being Deleted


At GW Financial, Inc. we are interested in educating you beyond wealth transfer. Forbes published an article on how long social media companies keep your data. We encourage you to read through it to understand how your data may be use.

The FBI said it used cell-tower data earlier this year to link seven bank robberies in five states to a phone number used by a suspect named Fernando Enriquez and possible associates. According to a search warrant discovered by Forbes, by crosschecking the phone number and the name with other police databases, the agency used that information to retrieve email addresses and Google, Instagram and TikTok accounts belonging to Enriquez. That unearthed a photo on TikTok of Enriquez standing in front of a Chevrolet SUV that resembled the getaway vehicle, the FBI said. Photographs also showed tattoos that appeared to match those from bank surveillance footage, according to investigators. Later, the FBI sought to get more information direct from TikTok, including any deleted information on his account.

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Thank you to our IT and Cybersecurity partner True North Networks who sent this article in their monthly newsletter.  We have partnered with TNN for over six years because we prioritize data integrity in addition to your financial goals.
Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash