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Thirty-Day Spending Review Thumbnail

Thirty-Day Spending Review

The purpose of a Thirty-Day Spending Review is not to create a paper chase for expenditures but just to create awareness about spending. We have been spending all our lives and have formed habits that we no longer notice. Not being cognizant about where money goes is a common source of financial stress.

HELOC-ked In Thumbnail

HELOC-ked In

A HELOC is a financial strategy used with caution. Your home is the collateral for the loan and detracts from your personal net worth if not used wisely. A trusted advisor can help you understand the nuances of this commonly used tool to build wealth.

Wealth In Equity: Private Mortgage Insurance, Forgotten Costs Thumbnail

Wealth In Equity: Private Mortgage Insurance, Forgotten Costs

With the housing market up meaningfully since its peak in 2006, we have amazing wealth in equity. However, new homeowners have been required to meet strict guidelines to qualify for a mortgage. Once such qualification is purchasing Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Reviewing your situation with a financial advisor can help bring attention to these costs so you can eliminate them.

Should I Consider a Reverse Mortgage? Thumbnail

Should I Consider a Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse mortgages are often marketed to seniors to help fund retirement using the equity in their home. Regrettably, some seniors have been forced to sell their homes to unwind the reverse mortgage. Review your options with a financial advisor to determine if a reverse mortgage is right for your household.