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Cybersecurity Tips for a Safer Vacation Thumbnail

Cybersecurity Tips for a Safer Vacation


At GW Financial, Inc. we want to make sure your money is secure whether at home or away.  SecurityIntelligence published an article on ways to stay safe when traveling.  We encourage you to read through it before traveling to help keep yourself and your finances safe!

The beauty of having different climates around the world is that there is always somewhere we can travel for leisure all year round. These are times when we tend to relax and let our guard down. The reality, though, is that cyber crime knows no vacation. Attackers are relentless and are always on the lookout for the easiest path to their next prey. That makes us, vacationers, an attractive target. Part of good cybersecurity training involves telling your employees how to protect themselves outside of the office.

Attackers are looking to steal your data or money, wreak havoc or use you to get intellectual property from your work. With the rising rates of cyberattacks and the impact having progressed to include loss of life, we all have a part to play in the fight against cyber crime. Ensuring that we always perform our due diligence and not fall victim to preventable attacks is a step in the right direction.

This article uses the seven stages of an attacker’s kill chain to outline handy tips for securing your trip away from home.   

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Thank you to our IT and Cybersecurity partner True North Networks who sent this article in their monthly newsletter.  We have partnered with TNN for over six years because we prioritize data integrity in addition to your financial goals.