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Achieving Financial Autonomy Together

Giving You the Freedom to Focus on Helping Others

Nonprofits, Organizations & Endowments

Are you passionate about impacting your community? Your ability to thrive as an organization is largely dependent on the management of your finances. That’s why we're dedicated to supporting associations like yours from the ground up by building a solid financial foundation.

You're Focused on Fulfilling Your Mission.

 We'll Take Care of the Rest

You and your fellow board members, employees and dedicated volunteers spend countless hours working toward a common goal. And while you're passionate about what you do, you may not have the time, resources or know-how to effectively handle the finances that keep your organization afloat.

Because we understand your mission to do good in the world, our approach deeply integrates your organization’s goals with your actual investment allocation.  

We’re Proud to Bring You 

Strategy Building

Your investment strategy should help you advance your mission. 

Fiduciary Responsibility

Serving as fiduciaries, we work in your organization’s best interest to manage every part of your investment program.

Stakeholder Participation

We take a hands-on approach by engaging in spirited discussions with your board and committee members.

Our Investment Strategy Services for Nonprofits & Organizations Include

Investment Policy Statements


Asset Allocation


Spending Policy Analysis

Ongoing Performance Analysis

 Electronic Retention of Meeting Notes

Could Your Organization Benefit From Tailored Financial Solutions?

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