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Mother watching child put money in piggy bank labeled "college"

Funding a 529 Account: A Guide for Parents and Grandparents

Saving for your child or grandchild's education is an investment in their future. One excellent tool to consider is a 529 account, which offers tax advantages and flexibility. Whether you're a parent or grandparent, understanding the process of opening and funding a 529 account is crucial.

Excited child holding money

Withdrawing from a 529 Account: A Guide for Parents and Grandparents

When the time comes to pay for college, it's important to understand what is involved in withdrawing funds from a 529 plan, including reimbursing yourself, paying the school directly, and important considerations like FAFSA implications and qualifying expenses.

Family putting money in a piggy bank

Investing Strategies for a 529: A Guide for Parents and Grandparents

As a parent, it's natural to want to provide the best possible education for your child. For many, this means saving for college tuition through a 529 plan. While 529 plans are a great college planning vehicle, they can be complex and require careful consideration.

Middle aged couple looking over paperwork together

Navigating College Savings: A Guide for Parents and Grandparents

In the journey of securing a child's higher education, 529 plans offer a powerful tool for financial preparation. By embracing available resources and strategies, families can navigate the college savings landscape with confidence and ensure a secure future for their loved ones.